Boldoutline Issue 6


Boldoutline Issue 6

# Read about Entrepreneurs and Startups

We are a volume old and to reward this we bring to you the journeys of some well known entrepreneurs and start ups in the industry. The 6th-issue of our luxury-lifestyle magazine, Bold Outline, is out with some inspirations and journeys of those who took the risk and are now chasing their dreams. Elli AvrRam, who is riding high on the success of Alt Balaji’s ‘The Verdict- State vs Nanavati’, hails from Stockholm but is making her moves known in the Bollywood industry. We covered her and get to know the intrinsic details of her journey in our cover story. While the inside pages are filled with the adventurous stories by Malini Agarwal aka MissMalini, Pooja Dhingra, Alicia Souza, Ishita Sharma, Vilas Nayak, Nisha Millet and some startups like Shadowfax, Under 25, and Koch & Co. Your go to guide for all the motivation that you might need to take that step and fly high.


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